Halloween 2017 (Derry/Londonderry) – UAV/Drone Statement

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So on Halloween night I was getting some video of the fireworks and saw multiple UAVs/Drones in the air. I saw a police officer a couple of feet away from me so I decided to go have a word with him about it to see if they knew about it since the flying that I witnessed put multiple lives in danger and I knew that the city was a no fly zone and anyone with common sense you would think would know not to fly anywhere near fireworks, even worse breaking the rule of staying away from extremely large groups of open air events (the parade and fireworks for example) , now as someone that does have a drone and somewhat common sense I asked him if he knew about anything going on with them and he told me in the events control room, they had police officers trying to track the drones. So forward on to the next day, I open up Facebook, Twitter & Youtube which is my usual routine. I am met with a lot of drone photography from different people of the fireworks. Now on Twitter, I asked a couple of people about did they have permissions to fly and 1 or 2 came back to me saying they had a permission to fly at night but when checked they didn’t have anything on a no-fly zone list. Come on now, you would think that it would be a no-fly zone if you were smart about it. Now I’ here this morning and I see the Derry Journal share a video from someone that has posted their parade and firework display onto youtube, so I watch the video and I see now that the flights made in this were not only illegal but a danger to the public as they were flying overhead. I will not even bother linking the video as I don’t think it should get the views for what it has done. I also see well-known people in the town fly drones illegally for youtube views or photos, but seriously it’s not worth it whatsoever. In reality, this could backfire on them massively. Now I’m not trying to be drone police with this but come on, flying about 30-50 feet above the Public crowd isn’t even safe anymore as if that dropped that could seriously injure someone. I’m not going to say that footage taken was not nice as some of it was – but I’m not going to take it that when the Council tells you not to fly, and some idiots go and fly, endangering others it’s not going to turn out well. At the end of this post, im going to link the Civil Aviation Authority‘s website where they state the LEGAL rules for flying unmanned aircraft. I’m did ranting now but to any drone pilots who have illegal footage up I suggest you remove it before you get prosecuted for it. As said I’m done ranting now about how stupid some people can be. Also, I would like to state that 7283 Media had NO drones in the sky through the entire event.

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