We proud to announce our first documentary project is now under development.

‘City in Crisis: The North West’s Mental Health Epidemic’ is a documentary that is currently being developed and will focus on the worsening mental health situation in the city of Derry and in the wider North West Region. For years, the city has been marred by economic desolation and stagnation, poor and declining public services and a massive drug Epidemic among young people that has contributed to one of the worst mental health crises of any city in Western Europe.

In this short documentary, we will hope to shine a light on these issues, talk to people who work within our communities about mental health and try to get a consensus on what is the best course of action moving forward. The people of this city deserve better. The fact that so many of these tragedies have happened is a shameful chapter of our city’s history and the prospect of it continuing is intolerable. It is time for the city as a collective to get to get together and to push for a better and more realistic strategy so that we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past and that we can give hope to the future.

Updates to come soon!

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